Patiently Waiting to Commit

There are times in life when people are hungry to have a partner to help them in the difficult times, sympathise with them when things go wrong and pick up the burden when it becomes too heavy. A commitment to another person for a lifetime means that partner will be there through whatever occurs, and it is a comforting thought to those who are still waiting to find the right one. They might be tempted to just choose the next person who comes into their life, but waiting to commit to the person who will suit them best is the smart way to live a good life.

The Romance of Dating

To modern singles, there is little left when it comes to the romance of dating. They see it as a market where they are often expected to carry the burden of a relationship without getting much in return. those who are eager to share their lives will often find their new partners are interested only in what can be provided for them at that moment, and asking for any type of commitment will drive them away. It is sad that a person’s hopes and dreams can be dashed so callously, but many modern daters are looking more to the immediate future than to the happiness they can find in the far future with the right partner. Dating should be about romance, and it should make both people feel they are exploring the possibility of finding a lifelong partner instead of a regular date for the next few months.

The Burdens of Partnership

Relationships between people are generally progressive, and many couples do well through the first few steps. Once they have made a small commitment, things can change drastically between them. A partner who was open, honest and caring might suddenly become demanding. This is when the burdens of partnership will show each person when they are not at their best, and it is the time to decide whether or not to continue the relationship. If the load is too difficult to carry now, it will be worse as the relationship progresses.

The Right One

There are few relationships that will ever be perfect, but that does not mean a partner is not the right one. They might leave their clothes all over the floor, but they make it up by creating beautiful dinners just for their partner. Paying bills on time might be difficult for them, but they see romance as a way of life. In the end, their contribution to the relationship balances out the negatives. This is when each person should see they can make a commitment because they have found the person who will be with them for a lifetime.

Any type of relationship commitment is more than just a few words spoken to each other, and it deserves to be thought out before making it. For those who believe that the romance they see now is what they will always have, they need to take a step back and look at the reality of their partner. Some will still be able to see the romance that is imbued within the other person, and they will then know their wait to commit is over.