Relationships without Intimacy

Getting to know a person in a relationship is a process, and it is best to hold off being intimate at first. Those who have traveled the route of instant intimacy find that many of their partners move on quickly, so investing right away physically means they will be hurt in the end. If getting undressed too early has been an issue in the past, holding off is a good move to see if a partner is really worth the time and effort to keep them.

Be Proactive

When dating a new person, it is best to get a feel for how they take things. Some people want to know right away what they are getting into, and others are more laid back and willing to see how things develop. Judging a person’s character is important, and letting them know there will not be immediate intimacy is a proactive way to signal a relationship is more important. It keeps them from pushing the issue, and it lets a single person know whether or not their new partner is willing to invest in a real relationship instead of a hook-up.

When Needs Arise

There are few people who can go long without physical intimacy, but it does not need to be an issue when dating a new partner. Finding a steady intimate partner is often easier than finding a relationship, and there are now online services where this type of person can be found with a few clicks. One site is Shag Local, and they have a variety of people looking for no strings attached intimacy with someone in their local area. They post pictures and profiles so it is easy to choose a compatible personality.

Keep It Easy

Life is complex today, and finding easy ways to get what one needs is of great importance. Dating for a long term relationship is a time-consuming emotional investment, so finding someone for physical relief should be a fast experience that will satisfy both people. Keeping it simple is best for those who want a fun physical experience, and the lack of relationship commitment is part of the deal. The ground rules keep it from becoming difficult, and they enhance the enjoyment factor.

The Date after the Date

Going out for a day or an evening with a relationship partner can be stressful, so it is best to have a date after the date to relax. Finding an after date partner is now simple to do, and they can help ease the strains of the day with one quick visit. Those who take advantage of this type of arrangement often find they cope better with life’s little surprises, and they can relax after the emotional rollercoaster of trying to form a future relationship.

When it comes to dating, there are no easy answers. Learning to be with someone who might be a future spouse is emotionally taxing, and relaxation is a good way to look honestly at whether or not a relationship will work. Saving physical intimacy until the emotional dust settles is now just a click away.